About Us

Some facts

  • The boundary wall was constructed in 1967 (year of famine)

  • In 1984 itself it was decided to start the +2 school in St. Ignatius’ High School Gumla which was not materialized.

  • The school completed 50 years of service in 1985. Hence, there was a Jubilee celebration, and the Stadium was baptized as “Jubilee Stadium”..

  • Sports Authority of India started its scheme NSTC (National Sports Talent Contest) at St. Ignatius’ H/S in 1989.

  • AROUSE was part of the outreach program of the school. But on 17 July 1993 it was formed a separate Registered Society bearing No. 186/1993-94.

  • St. Ignatius’ Inter College was started in 2004 with Science, Arts, and Commerce streams. It got permanent recognition from Human Resource Development Department (Secondary Educational Directorate) with Letter No. 11/p.1-20/2010 3000 on 28/11/13.

  • Astro- Turf Hockey ground started to be constructed in 2007.

  • NSTC (SAI) was de-adopted w.e.f. 01-04.2013 vide Letter No. SAI/EC/OPS/2142/Meeting/5993 dated 26.02.2013.

  • In 2014 St. Ignatius’ English medium School was started in the building of St. Ignatius H/S Gumla with 15 students.

  • Astro- Turf Hockey ground started to be constructed in 2007.

  • A separate building construction for English Medium School began in 2015 and the English Medium School shifted in the new building in April, 2016.

  • State Residential Hockey and Football center were started in 2016.

  • Two additional lecture halls were constructed on the roof top of Inter College building in 2017.

The Past

The school attracted vast number of students from Jharkhand, erstwhile Bihar and neighbouring States and was known for quality education, religious formation and social outreach program.

The performance in academics, games and sports, cultural activities and other socio-religious activities was praiseworthy and won high reputation from the public.

A very healthy competition existed among the three House, namely, the Hostel, the Apostolic and the Dayscholar.

The Jesuit also excelled in Science, Maths, and humanities proving themselves models for the students and teachers.

There was a bunch of dedicated lay teachers who were always available to render their services at any time of the day or night.

The facilities were not so much available as they are today, but what made the difference was the single minded purpose and undeterred determination of teachers, selfless commitment of Fathers, and non-compromising support of the parents and the quest for learning and high ambition of student.

The Present

The school still occupies a respectable place in the hearts and minds of the people. They still hold high esteem and cherish the sweet memory of the achievements of the school making oneself a part of the history.

The school has travelled a long journey and has enhanced the facilities and infra-structure to suit and counter the present demands and challenges.

The academic results, games and sports, cultural activities still attracts the people, but it still requires to be saturated with quality and vast area remains to explore and improve.

The whole school and Inter College is divided in four houses.

The school tries to follow a comprehensive curriculum with expert and dedicated faculty members to accompany the students in their learning. The school periodically goes through self review and evaluation with the help of external expertise, which enhances the school to improve. There is a conscious effort to conscientise students (to bring awareness) to take care of the Common Home. An integrated approach is adapted to cater both the intellectual and affective dimensions favorable to overall formation of fine human beings.

Future Orientation

  • To revamp our efforts and to make our personal as well as communitarian discernment to achieve the best and to exploit maximum the potentialities of the students.

  • To develop some mechanism whereby each child is accompanied in his life journey to make him/her a better human person according to our Jesuit Legacy.

  • To start a Primary section in the campus to ensure quality and to bring up students from the beginning in the spirit and tradition of the Society of Jesus is the need of the time.

  • There seems to be a wider scope of higher education i.e. for Degree College in Gumla district for the benefit of tribal students who cannot afford to go Ranchi and other cities for it.

Latest Events

We try to be a good human beings and keep up with what's going on in the world by reading , watching and staying in touch with the latest events.